Engelstalige Leeslijst

Een chronologisch overzicht van de Engelstalige historische romans die ik heb gelezen, sinds ik het genre ‘ontdekte’ eind 2012. 

Meer lezen over mijn favoriete Engelstalige auteurs? Op deze pagina zet ik ze allemaal op een rijtje: Historische Romans in het Engels


Hannah Howell – The Scotsman Who Saved Me [Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen]

Diane Gaston – Her Gallant Captain at Waterloo

Zoe Archer – Warrior [The Blades of the Rose]

Catherine Tinley – A Waltz with the Outspoken Governess

K.J. Charles – Gilded Cage [Lilywhite Boys]

Joanna Shupe – The Heiress Hunt [The Fifth Avenue Rebels]

Elizabeth Everett – A Lady’s Formula for Love [The Secret Scientists of London]

Erica Ridley – The Duke Heist [The Wild Wynchesters]

Mary Balogh – A Matter of Class

Kate Bateman – The Princess and the Rogue [Bow Street Bachelors]

Sierra Simone – Duke I’d Like To F….

Harper St. George – The Heiress Gets a Duke [The Gilded Age Heiresses]

Ella Quinn – Madeleine’s Christmas Wish [The Marriage Game]

Ella Quinn – The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh [The Marriage Game]

Jenni Fletcher – Unexpectedly Wed to the Officer

Eva Shepherd – How to Avoid the Marriage Mart

Beverly Jenkins – Tempest [Old West]

Martha Waters – To Have and to Hoax [The Regency Vows]

Joanna Shupe – The Courtesan Duchess [Wicked Deceptions]

Amanda McCabe – His Unlikely Duchess

Susanna Craig – Who’s That Earl [Love and Let Spy]

Robyn Dehart – Her Gentleman Thief

Christine Merrill – Lady Margaret’s Mystery Gentleman

Beverly Jenkins – Wild Rain [Women Who Dare]

K.C. Bateman – A Midnight Clear

K.J. Charles – The Magpie Lord [A Charm of Magpies]

Erica Ridley – The Governess Gambit [The Wild Wynchesters]

Bronwyn Scott – Portrait of a Forbidden Love

Vanessa Riley – A Bittersweet Moment

Lauri Robinson – A Family for the Titanic Survivor

Manda Collins – A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Mayhem [A Lady’s Guide]

Ann Lethbridge – A Shopkeeper for the Earl of Westram

Louise Allen – A Marquis in Want of a Wife

Joanna Johnson – A Mistletoe Vow to Lord Lowell

E.E. Ottoman – The Longest Night


Sophia James – Christmas Cinderellas

Mary Balogh – A Very Special Christmas

Elizabeth Cole – A Winter’s Knight [Regency Rhapsody]

Tessa Dare – When She Was Naughty

K.J. Jackson – The Christmas Countess [Valor of Vinehill]

Laura Martin – One Snowy Night with Lord Hauxton

Kerrigan Byrne – The Earl of Christmas Past [Goode Girls]

Diana Biller – The Widow of Rose House

Suzanne Allain – Mr. Malcolm’s List

Vanessa Riley – A Duke, the Lady and a Baby [Rogues and Remarkable Women]

Sarah MacLean – The Rogue Not Taken [Scandal & Scoundrel]

Madeline Hunter – Heiress for Hire [A Duke’s Heiress]

Evie Dunmore – A Rogue’s of One’s Own [A League of Extraordinary Women]

Olivia Waite – The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows [Feminine Pursuits]

Beverly Jenkins – Vivid

Megan Frampton – Tall, Duke and Dangerous [Hazards of Dukes]

Megan Frampton – Never Kiss a Duke [Hazards of Dukes]

Sabrina Jeffries – Who Wants to Marry A Duke [Duke Dynasty]

Tessa Dare – Twice Tempted by a Rogue [Stud Club]

Debbie Kaufman – The Doctor’s Mission

Tessa Dare – One Dance with a Duke [Stud Club]

Evie Dunmore – Bringing Down the Duke [A League of Extraordinary Women]

Julia Quinn – First Comes Scandal [Rokesbys]

Kate Bateman – To Catch an Earl [Bow Street Bachelors]

Jeannie Lin – A Dance with Danger [Rebels and Lovers]

Laura Martin – Under a Desert Moon

Mary Balogh – Someone to Romance [Westcott]

Joanna Shupe – The Devil of Downtown [Uptown Girls]

Joanna Shupe – The Prince of Broadway [Uptown Girls]

Anna Harrington – Winner Takes All

G.S. Carr – The Cost of Hope [The Cost of Love]

Lenora Bell – What a Difference a Duke Makes [School for Dukes]

Beverly Jenkins [Rebel]

G.S. Carr – Lady of Secrets

Sarah MacLean – Daring and the Duke [The Bareknuckle Bastards]

Cat Sebastian – A Little Light Mischief [Turner]

Piper Huguley – The Lawyer’s Luck [Home to Milford]

Sarah MacLean – Brazen and the Beast [The Bareknuckle Bastards]

Sarah MacLean – Wicked and the Wallflower [The Bareknuckle Bastards]

Virginia Heath – Redeeming the Reclusive Earl

Tessa Dare – His Bride for the Taking

Kelly Bowen – The Lady in Red [Season for Scandal]

Grace Burrowes – Forever and a Duke

Scarlett Peckham – The Rakess [Society of Sirens]

Mia Vincy – A Beastly Kind of Earl [Longhope Abbey]

Joanna Shupe – Miracle on Ladies’ Mile [Gilded Age]

Minerva Spencer – The Music of Love [The Academy of Love]

Lenora Bell – For the Duke’s Eyes Only [School for Dukes]

Mary Balogh – Someone to Remember [Westcott]

Mary Balogh – Someone to Honor [Westcott]

Jennifer Ashley – A Mackenzie Clan Christmas [MacKenzies & MacBrides]

Anna Harrington – An Inconvenient Duke [Lords of the Armory]

Sabrina Jeffries – The Bachelor [Duke Dynasty]

Regina Scott – Art and Artifice [The Lady Emily Capers]

Regina Scott – Sense and Sensibilities [The Lady Emily Capers]d

E.E. Ottoman – The Doctor’s Discretion

Rose Lerner – Sweet Disorder [Lively St. Lemeston]

Winnie Griggs – The Road Home [Journeys of the Heart]

K.C. Bateman – The Promise of a Kiss

Kate Bateman – This Earl of Min [Bow Street Bachelors]

Sabrina Jeffries – Project Duchess [Duke Dynasty]

Madeline Hunter – Seduction on a Snowy Night


Leigh Greenwood – Longing for a Cowboy Christmas

Tessa Dare – How the Dukes Stole Christmas

Marguerite Kaye – Invitation to a Cornish Christmas

Laura Martin Her Ragsto-Riches Christmas [Scandalous Australian Bachelors]

Megan Frampton – The Earl’s Christmas Pearl [Duke’s Daughters]

Grace Burrowes – Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish [Windhams]

Jennifer Ashley – A Mackenzie Yuletide [Mackenzie & McBrides]

Vanessa Kelly – The Highlander’s Christmas Bride [Clan Kendrick]

Kelly Bowen – Night of the Scoundrel [Devils of Dover]

Anna Schmidt – Renegade [Cowboys & Harvey Girls]

Anna Schmidt – Trailblazer [Cowboys & Harvey Girls]

Rosanne Bittner – Logan’s Lady

Julie Anne Long – Angel in a Devil’s Arms [Palace of Rogues]

Tessa Dare – Beauty and the Blacksmith [Spindle Cove]

Regina Scott – A Distance Too Grand [American Wonders Collection]

Alissa Johnson – A Talent for Trickery [Thief Takers]

Mary Jo Putney – Once a Spy [Rogues Redeemed]

Olivia Waite – The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics [Feminine Pursuits]

Eva Leigh – Counting on a Countess [London Underground]

Eva Leigh – From Duke Till Dawn [London Underground]

Mary Balogh – Someone To Trust [Westcott]

Mary Balogh – Someone To Care [Westcott]

Mary Balogh – Someone To Wed [Westcott]

Mary Balogh – Someone To Hold [Westcott]

Mary Balogh – Someone To Love [Westcott]

Tessa Dare – The Wallflower Wager [Girl Meets Duke]

Erin Knightley – The Viscount Risks It All [Prelude to a Kiss]

Anna Harrington – What a Lord Wants [Capturing the Carlisles]

Tessa Dare – The Governess Game [Girl Meets Duke]

Tessa Dare – The Duchess Deal [Girl Meets Duke]

Grace Burrowes – When a Duchess Says I Do [Rogues to Riches

Grace Burrowes – My One and Only Duke [Rogues to Riches]

Elizabeth Hoyt – Once Upon a Christmas Eve [Maiden Lane]

Kelly Bowen – A Rogue by Night [Devils of Dover]

Grace Burrowes – Respect for Christmas

Kelly Bowen – Last Night with the Earl [Devils of Dover]

Kelly Bowen – A Duke in the Night [Devils of Dover]

Shana Galen – To Tempt a Rebel [Scarlet Chronicles]

Cat Sebastian – The Soldiers Scoundrel [Turners]

Joanna Shupe – The Rogue of Fifth Avenue [Uptown Girls]

Alyssa Alexander – A Dance with Seduction [A Spy in the Ton]

Jennifer Ashley – Scandal and the Duchess [MacKenzies & McBrides]

Anna Harrington – How the Earl Entices [Capturing the Carlisles]

Shana Galen – Taken by the Rake [Scarlet Chronicles]

Sophia James – An Unashamed Night [Wellinghams]

Amanda McCabe – A Stranger at Castonbury [Castonbury]

Lisa Kleypas – Mine Till Midnight [Hathaways]

Eloisa James – When Beauty Tamed the Beast [Fairy Tales]

Anna Randol – A Most Naked Solution

Carla Kelly – Miss Grimsleys Oxford Career

Elizabeth Hoyt – Once Upon a Maiden Lane [Maiden Lane]

Elizabeth Hoyt – Duke of Desire [Maiden Lane]

Elizabeth Hoyt – Duke of Pleasure [Maiden Lane]

Julie Anne Long – Lady Derring Takes a Lover [Palace of Rogues]

Stacy Henrie – A Cowboy of Convenience [Sheridan Sweethearts]

Karen Kirst – Romancing the Runaway Bride [Return to Cowboy Creek]

Stacy Henrie – The Rancher’s Temporary Engagement [Sheridan Sweethearts]

Shana Galen – Traitor In Her Arms [Scarlet Chronicles]

Lisa Kleypas – Again the Magic [Wallflowers]

Shana Galen – To Ruin a Gentleman [Scarlet Chronicles]

Deborah Hale – Lady Lyte’s Little Secret

Victoria Alexander – The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl [Lady Travelers Society]

Elizabeth Camden – Until the Dawn [Until the Dawn]

Elizabeth Camden – Toward the Sunrise [Until the Dawn]

Mary Balogh – Only Beloved [Survivor’s Club]

Mary Balogh – Only a Kiss [Survivor’s Club]

Mary Balogh – Only a Promise [Survivor’s Club]

Grace Burrowes – Patience For Christmas

Elizabeth Hoyt – Not the Duke’s Darling [Greycourt]

Louise Allen – Snowbound Wedding Wishes

2018Grace Burrowes - The Laird

Elizabeth Hoyt – A Maiden Lane Christmas Special [Maiden Lane]

Christine Johnson – Would-Be Mistletoe Wife

Shana Galen – The Spy Beneath the Mistletoe [Lord & Lady Spy]

Anthea Lawson – A Countess for Christmas

Shana Galen & Theresa Romain – Mrs. Brodie’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies

Minerva Spencer – Barbarous [Outcasts]

Minerva Spencer – Dangerous [Outcasts]

Mary Jo Putney – Once a Scoundrel [Rogues Redeemed]

Rose Lerner – Promised Land

Vanessa Kelly – The Season for Loving

Kate Noble – A Madness in Spring

Sara Mitchell – The Widow’s Secret

Anna Harrington – As the Devil Dares [Capturing the Carlisles]

Anna Harrington – When the Scoundrel Sins [Capturing the Carlisles]

Anna Harrington – If the Duke Demands [Capturing the Carlisles]

Shana Galen – The Summer of Wine and Scandal

Theresa Romain – Those Autumn Nights

Mary Jo Putney – Once a Rebel [Rogues Redeemed]

Amanda Forester – Earl Interrupted [Daring Marriages]

Amanda Forester – If The Earl Only Knew [Daring Marriages]

Mary Jo Putney – Only a Soldier [Rogues Redeemed]

Winnie Griggs – The Bride Next Door [Texas Grooms]

Victoria Alexandra – The Lady Travelers Guide to Larceny with a Dashing Stranger [Lady Travelers Society]

Grace Burrowes – The Laird [Captive Hearts]

Grace Burrowes – The Traitor [Captive Hearts]

Grace Burrowes – The Captive [Captive Hearts]

Alyssa Cole – A Hope Divided [Loyal League]

Elizabeth Cole – A Shameless Angel [Secrets of the Zodiac]

Elizabeth Cole – Lady in Pearls [Secrets of the Zodiac]

Elizabeth Cole – A Reckless Soul [Secrets of the Zodiac]

Elizabeth Cole – A Heartless Design [Secrets of the Zodiac]

Tessa Dare – When a Scot Ties the Knot [Castles Ever After]


Shana Galen – A Royal Christmas

Anna Harrington – How the Duke Stole Christmas [Capturing the Carlisles]

Mary Jo Putney – The Last Chance Christmas Ball

Jennifer Ashley – A Mackenzie Family Christmas [MacKenzie & McBride]

Courtney Milan – A Kiss for Midwinter

Elizabeth Hoyt – A Maiden Lane Christmas Special [Maiden Lane]

Stephanie Laurens – Lord of the Privateers [Adventurers Quartet]

Nancy Fraser – Erin’s Gift

Stephanie Laurens – The Daredevil Snared [Adventurers Quartet]

Stephanie Laurens – A Buccaneer at Heart [Adventurers Quartet]

Victoria Alexander – The Rise and Fall of Reginald Everheart [Lady Travelers Society]

Stephanie Laurens – The Lady’s Command [Adventurers Quartet]

Lacy Williams – Heart of Gold

Joanna Bourne – Beauty Like the Night [Spymasters]

Sabrina Darby – Caroline and the Duke

Shana Galen – The Kissing of the Shrew

Theresa Romain – Scandalous Ever After [Romance on the Turf]

Lynna Banning – Printer in Petticoats [Smoke River]

Victoria Alexander – The Lady Traveler’s Guide to Scoundrels & Other Gentlemen [Lady Travelers Society]

Erin Knightley – Once Jilted, Twice Shy

Victoria Alexander – The Proper Way to Stop a Wedding in Seven Days or Less [Lady Travelers Society]

Alyssa Cole – An Extraordinary Union [Loyal League]

Heather Snow – Loving Lady Dervish

Maire Claremont – The Dark Affair [Mad Passions]

Theresa Romain – A Gentleman’s Game [Romance on the Turf]

Maire Claremont – A Lady Undone [Mad Passions]

Maire Claremont – Lady in Red [Mad Passions]

Maire Claremont – The Dark Lady [Mad Passions]

Grace Burrowes – Will’s True Wish [True Gentlemen]

Eloisa James – An Affair Before Christmas [Desperate Duchesses]

Theresa Romain - The Sport of Baronets2016

Lorraine Heath – Deck the Halls With Love [Lost Lords of Pembrooke]

Mary Jo Putney – Mischief and Mistletoe

Tessa Dare – Once Upon a Winter’s Eve [Spindle Cove]

Amanda Quick – Wicked Widow [Vanza]

Anna Lee Huber – Secrets in the Mist [Gothic Myths]

Caroline Linden – All’s Fair In Love and Scandal [Scandalous]

Courtney Milan – Talk Sweetly to Me [Brothers Sinister]

Courtney Milan – The Governess Affair [Brothers Sinister]

Courtney Milan – This Wicked Gift [Carhart]

Erin Knightley – Vexed by a Viscount [All’s Fair in Love]

Courtney Milan – Unlocked [Turner]

Maire Claremont – Lady Wild

Erin Knightley – Scandalized by a Scoundrel [All’s Fair in Love]

Tracey Devlyn – Latymer [Nexus]

Marion Chesney – Beatrice Goes to Brighton [Traveling Matchmaker]

Theresa Romain – The Sport of Baronets [Romance on the Turf]

Elizabeth Hoyt – Once Upon a Moonlit Night [Maiden Lane]

Elizabeth Hoyt – Duke of Sin [Maiden Lane]

Mary Balogh – The Suitor [Survivor’s Club]

Mary Balogh – Only Enchanting [Survivor’s Club]

Donna Thorland – The Rebel Pirate [Renegades of the American Revolution]

Loretta Chase – Dukes Prefer Blondes [Dressmakers]

Naomi Rawlings – The Soldier’s Secrets

Elizabeth Hoyt – Sweetest Scoundrel [Maiden Lane]

Jennifer McQuiston – The Spinster’s Guide to Scandalous Behavior [Seduction Diaries]

Elizabeth Hoyt – Dearest Rogue [Spymasters]

Erin Knightley – The Duke Can Go To The Devil [Sealed with a Kiss]

Marion Chesney – Back in Society [Poor Relation]

2015Naomi Rawlings - Falling For the Enemy

Shana Galen – All I Want for Christmas is Blue [Lord & Lady Spy]

Marion Chesney – Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue [Poor Relation]

Shana Galen – The Spy Wore Blue [Lord & Lady Spy]

Marion Chesney – Sir Philip’s Folly [Poor Relation]

Marion Chesney – Mrs. Budley Falls from Grace [Poor Relation]

Marion Chesney – Back in Society [Poor Relation]

Marion Chesney – Miss Tonks Turns to Crime [Poor Relation]

Marion Chesney – Lady Fortescue Steps Out [Poor Relation]

Amanda Quick – Mistress

Naomi Rawlings – Falling For the Enemy [

Erin Knightley – The Earl I Adore [Sealed with a Kiss]

Lauren Willig – The Secret History of the Pink Carnation [Pink Carnation]

Marion Chesney – Penelope Goes to Portsmouth [Traveling Matchmaker]

Marion Chesney – Belinda Goes to Bath [Traveling Matchmaker]

Marion Chesney – Emily Goes to Exeter [Traveling Matchmaker]

Elizabeth Cole – A Heartless Design [Secrets of the Zodiac]

Jo Beverley – An Unwilling Bride [Company of Rogues]

Joanna Bourne – My Lord and Spymaster [Spymasters]

Rose Gordon – The Officer and the Southerner [Fort Gibson Officer]

Johanna Lindsey – Let Love Find You [Reid Family]

Sherry Thomas – Not Quite a Husband

Grace Burrowes – Christmas in the Duke’s Arms

Mary Balogh – The Arrangement [Survivor’s Club]

2014Sherry Thomas - The Luckiest Lady in London

Erin Knightley – Ruined by a Rake [All’s Fair in Love]

Joanna Bourne – Rogue Spy [Spymasters]

Erin Knightley – The Baron Next Door [Prelude to a Kiss]

Erin Knightley – Deceived by a Duke [All’s Fair in Love]

Sherry Thomas – The Luckiest Lady in London

Rose Gordon – The Officer and the Bostoner [Fort Gibson Officers]


Kerrelyn Sparks - The Forbidden Lady

Erin Knightley – Scandalized by a Scoundrel [All’s Fair in Love]

Jennifer Ashley – The Untamed MacKenzie [MacKenzie & McBride]

Jennifer Ashley – The Seduction of Elliot McBride [MacKenzie & McBride]

Donna Thorland – The Turncoat [Renegades of the American Revolution]

Callie Hutton – Daniel’s Desire

Erin Knightley – Flirting with Fortune [Sealed with a Kiss]

Suzanna Medeiros – Lady Hathaway’s Indecent Proposal

Joanna Bourne – The Black Hawk [Spymasters]

Joanna Bourne – The Forbidden Rose [Spymasters]

Laura Kinsale – The Prince of Midnight

Joanna Bourne – My Lord and Spymaster [Spymasters]

Joanna Bourne – The Spymaster’s Lady [Spymasters]

Kerrelyn Sparks – The Forbidden Lady [Spymasters]

Diana Quincy – Seducing Charlotte [Accidental Peers]

Michelle Beattie – Another Chance

Jess Michaels – An Introduction to Pleasure [Mistress Matchmaker]

Anna Cowan – Untamed

Heather Snow – Sweet Madness [Veiled Seduction]

Erin Knightley – Ruined by a Rake [All’s Fair in Love]

Tracy Grant – Dark Angel

Suzanna Medeiros – Loving the Marquess [Landing a Lord]

Philippa Jane Keyworth – The Widow’s Redeemer

M.K. McClintock – Alaina Claiborne

Grace Elliot – A Dead Man’s Debt

Jennifer Ashley – A Mackenzie Family Christmas [MacKenzie & McBride]

Jennifer Ashley – The Duke’s Perfect Wife [MacKenzie & McBride]

Jennifer Ashley – The Many Sins of Lord Cameron [MacKenzie & McBride]

Jennifer Ashley – Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage [MacKenzie & McBride]

Jennifer Ashley – The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie [MacKenzie & McBride]

Erin Knightley – A Taste for Scandal [Sealed with a Kiss]

Erin Knightley – Miss Mistletoe [Sealed with a Kiss]

Erin Knightley – More Than a Stranger [Sealed with a Kiss]

Suzanna Medeiros – Dancing with the Duke

2012Heather Snow - Sweet Enemy

Heather Snow – Sweet Deception [Veiled Seduction]

Heather Snow – Sweet Enemy [Veiled Seduction]

Suzanna Medeiros – Dear Stranger

Heather Boyd – Wicked Morning